My name is Gordana Zagorec. I was born in 1967. I am from Croatia.

I started to paint in the eighties as an experiment. And I am still experimenting. 

I try to celebrate the miracles of everyday life that are invisible to the human eye – the miracles to be found all around us in people, animals, landscapes and dreams. 

The understanding of linear time is negated. The past, present and future melt into single points, existing independently from any obvious reality. 

In this way I try to make the ordinary extraordinary, investing images of people and places with a kind of otherworldly meaning. In this way a quiet observation of the turbulent world around us acquires a form. 

Everything is created from nothing, from intuition fed by secret channels coming from the unexplored dimensions around us. 

The apparent immaturity of the paintings is a conscious antidote to the aggression in the style of many modern artists. It expresses a naive desire for us all to celebrate the joy and glory of life through an understanding of the small, unique perfections that usually pass us by.